A “Bible” Church

What is a Bible Church?
People have heard of the Catholic church, the Baptist church, the Methodist church, the Congregational church, the Episcopalian church and other churches, but a Bible Church is not so common.

So, what is a Bible Church? The key word is “BIBLE.” Perhaps you could say something like this: “A Bible Church is a church that is made up of people who believe the Bible. The Pastor preaches and teaches from the Bible, and the people bring their Bibles to church and follow along as their Pastor explains what the verses mean.” But the best way for you to understand what a Bible Church is really like is to come and visit with us and see for yourself! People may say good things about a restaurant, but you can’t really find out what it is like until you visit it for yourself and eat there! The same is true about a church.

There is another way to answer this question which might help the person even more. We want people to come to know our Christ more than we want them to come to know our church. It’s more important to come to Christ than it is to come to church. Once a person comes to Christ, then we can share with them the importance of attending a good, Bible-believing church.

So…“What is a Bible Church?” Here is a possible way of answering this: “A Bible Church is a church which preaches the gospel, the good news of salvation as found in the Bible. Has anyone ever shared with you what this good news is all about?”