Our Church’s Personality

KBCBldgEvery church has a different personality. The personality of KBC comes as a result of the areas in which God has burdened us to be distinct. The distinctives of KBC are as follows:

Bible Centered – We believe that Word of God, the Bible, is our final authority for all matters of faith and life. Therefore, you’ll be hard pressed to find a ministry of KBC that doesn’t intentionally open and focus on the Bible.

God Glorifying – We strive to have everything we do at KBC bring glory to God. This means that we want to evaluate everything we do through the lens of God’s glory. We purposefully ask the question, “Is this bringing glory to God or is it a distraction from God’s glory?”

Christ Exalting – God’s Word commands the church to exalt Jesus Christ. Our aim is to “present Christ and Him crucified” in every aspect of church life at KBC.

Holy Spirit Empowered – We cannot accomplish anything worthwhile without the power of the Holy Spirit. We believe that when we are Bible centered, God glorifying, and Christ exalting, the Spirit of God is pleased to give success.

Family Oriented – At KBC we place an emphasis on ministering to the entire family. As you look at the various ministries of this church you will find something for everyone.