Kids Conference (June 2-3, 2018)


  • 8:45am - Check-in/Drop off
  • 9:00am - Games, activities, snacks, crafts, lessons
  • 12:00pm - Dismissal/Pickup

SUNDAY (June 3)

  • 9:30am - Lesson, songs, and games
  • 10:30am - Break time (go with parents)
  • 11:00am - Lesson, songs, and games


Imagine traveling through time and meeting the most important man ever—a man who was not just a man, but also God. One who turned the world upside-down. One who existed outside of time.

We’ll do just that as we embark on Time Lab. We’ll use words beginning with “C” (Creation, Christophany, Cross, Clouds, and Crown) to help us remember that Jesus, our forever faithful, loving, caring, promise-keeping Lord, has been with us always!

Time sure will fly while we’re having fun. So head this way and get ready to launch into hyperdrive as we take off for Time Lab! Let’s go!

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We are absolutely thrilled that we get to have our missionaries, the Willis Family, with us during the June 2-3 weekend! They will be running the Kids Conference while the Creation Conference goes on in the auditorium for the adults.

God has uniquely equipped the Willis Family for ministry by allowing them to serve at The WILDS Christian Camp and Conference Center in North Carolina for 20 years. They were sent by Pastor Matt Collier and Bethany Baptist Church to meet a need in the Basque region of Spain. The Willis family has been sensitive to God's call in their hearts to be witnesses of Christ "unto the uttermost part of the earth."